icon accordian trainingPilum Defense Agency is committed to the professional development and improvement of attorneys, investigators, legal departments, federal and state organizations, and other organizations across the state.

We conduct FREE in-house (CLE) seminars and workshops.  We can tailor any of our seminars or workshops to suit your organization’s unique needs.

In addition, our training goal is to provide more effective communications between attorney and investigator organizations.  Also, to develop ways and means of improving our effectiveness as a team.  These efforts will hopefully promote better coordination and assist in developing a close relationships throughout the state and the nation.

Finally, our goal is to share the expertise in determining what is important with the fast paced evolution of information. By doing so, we can be an extremely valuable asset to investigators and attorneys.

The following seminars are offered for In-House Training:

An in-house workshop can be scheduled at any time of the year if we have available dates. We can tailor these programs to your organization’s needs.  Each workshop runs 2 to 3 hours with two 15-minute breaks. For scheduling information, please call our office.

A New Kind of Witness: Admissibility of Electronic Evidence (2 CLE)

Don’t Let The Witness Slip Away (2 CLE)

Why the EEOC Doesn’t have Time for Your Case (2 CLE)

Avoid An Ineffective Council Claim (2 CLE)

Preparatory Firearms Education – Colorado Concealed Weapons Permit (CCW) for Attorneys & Investigators (2 CLE) – 2 hours of this course can be conducted in the office. However, due to shooting requirements, the last hour is conducted at a gun range (no weapon required). Unfortunately, this class is not free due to range, weapon, and ammunition cost.

We are honored to have the finest investigators and attorneys in the nation among our ranks!

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