Corporate Investigation

Corporate InvestigationIn today’s world, it is important to trust, but verify. Our experienced investigators can make this process easy for you by providing a broad spectrum of investigation and monitoring services.

Having the proper investigatory team is critical in identifying possible internal and external breaches in security, and the ability to properly screen potential employees before hiring them, or screening current employees before trusting them with new responsibilities, access, and secrets are all essential to the stability of any company.

Pre-employment and Background Screening
The first line of defense to protect other employees, executives, company assets and corporate secrets is a thorough pre-employment screening.

Utilizing our proprietary network of resources, Pilum offers comprehensive, legally compliant background screening to mitigate risks associated with hiring, retention, business partners, and vendors. We provide federal, state, and county criminal searches, federal and state civil searches, and employment history verifications and education verifications.

Incident Consultation
When there is an incident, whether it’s a disgruntled employee turned radicalized active shooter, corporate theft, espionage, or hacking security breach. Having a plan in place on how to respond to these kinds of incidents ahead of time is critical.

All too often, when no plan is in place, companies make improvised decisions in the heat of the moment, and they’re not always the best decisions. Our experts will help you develop a comprehensive plan to deal with these situations as they arrive.

If an incident or security breach does occur, our experts will conduct a digital and/or physical forensic investigation of what occurred. We can work with all levels of staff as well as provide you with recommendations on how to avoid that kind of incident in the future.

Pilum helps you prepare contingency plans before any high-risk terminations take place. We can administer a Threat Assessment to help you identify any employees who may react adversely and potentially cause harm to themselves or others following a termination situation.

Employee Monitoring and Surveillance
Effectively monitoring your employees’ actions, including web searches, company system access and social media are critical to the process of identifying potential red flags. Having your action response plan in place when these discoveries are made will allow for a calm, swift, and effective response.

We can conduct covert surveillance investigations for both short and long term periods. Using both male and female investigator, we are capable of monitoring an employee’s movements without detection.

Pre-Termination Investigation
Once an employee is identified as a potential risk, it is essential to thoroughly investigate the employee to discover what his or her motives, triggers, activities and likely response to notification of termination.

Your incident response plan is critical here as well, to ensure access to sensitive or confidential information is restricted before notice of termination is given, and coordinate physical security on-site at time of termination to supervise the employee as he collects his belongings and is escorted off the premises. This helps to ensure no retaliatory actions, theft, or sabotage after notice of termination.

High-Risk Termination
In today’s volatile workplace, you need to be prepared for a wide variety of potential employee reactions, including the possibility of violence. In some cases, it may be the dismissal of just a lone troubled employee that has the makings for a disastrous situation.

Investigation can uncover any radical behavior or illicit activity currently in process, allowing for potentially dangerous employees to be safely dealt with, helping to decrease the potential for active shooter situations.

Please call or email us to discuss how we can tailor these services to your specific situation.

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