Civil Investigation

Pilum Defense Agency has been called to uncover, collect, and document information to use in civil trials. It is crucial to uncover every important piece of information, document the findings accurately and provide the necessary expert reports in order to win the case. Attorneys need a substantial amount of data that is derived from extensive civil investigations.Investigation

Whether requiring interviews, research, on site surveillance, or computer forensics, the need for knowledgeable, professional investigators is necessary.  As one of Pilum’s core competences, civil investigation exposes the facts and evidence necessary to build the case.

Pilum Defense Agency has the track record, qualifications and experience to be the lead investigation company on your civil case. Our investigators can help you facilitate a complete, professional investigation and achieve results.

Our professional investigation services include:
*Personal Injury Cases
*Background Checks
*Witness Interviews
*Marital Matters
*Police Misconduct
*Fraud Cases
*Digital Forensics
*Missing Persons
* Spanish Speaking Cases 

Whether you are looking to fulfill your client’s settlement goals or to provide a flawless defense for a wrongly accused client, our investigators will step in and provide you the necessary information to increase the strength of your case.

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