Financial Forensic Investigation

Asset InvestigationsPilum Defense Agency has been called upon to conduct financial investigations for a variety of reasons including: civil litigation, fraud, asset searches, divorce matters, leverage during the course of negotiations, and to assist clients in determining whether a judgment is worth pursuing.

There are variety of methods and sources our financial investigators utilize to conduct comprehensive investigations.  Our investigators lawfully uncover asset information through open sources, public records, and proprietary databases.  We delve into the details and methodology behind conducting a detailed forensic investigation timeline to find assets like real property, watercrafts, aircrafts, automobiles, and financial accounts.

Our investigators are trained in non-traditional methods including deep internet and social media searches.  Further, we understand the importance of confidentiality which is why every one of our asset investigation professionals has held a top secret security clearance.

Our professional investigation services include:

*Bank accounts
*Brokerage accounts
*Business affiliations
*Real Estate holdings
*Aircraft, Vessels and RVS
*Intellectual property
*Professional licenses
*UCC Filings
*Bankruptcy filings
*Judgments and Liens
*DMV and Motor Vehicle Records
*Civil and Criminal Records
*And any other significant assets of value

Our financial investigation reports are unlike any other in the industry in that they paint a complete picture (story) of each subject we investigate. We conduct a comprehensive search of each subject followed by a manual search of all relevant public and proprietary databases. If we can’t find the information in a database we will go outside the box to find it (e.g. social media search).  Our financial investigation team brings a diverse level of experience to each case.

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