Investigation Services


Pilum Defense Agency is a full service investigation firm.  We offer a range of interrelated services that go hand and hand including: Criminal Defense Investigations, Civil Investigation, Financial Forensic Investigation,  Digital Forensic Investigation, and EEO Investigation services.  Click on each link to view more.

Criminal Defense Investigation:  Whether its a 1st Degree Homicide or a petty offense case, our investigators have extensive experience in criminal investigations. Having worked in the Public Defender system, we understand the process. We conduct critical investigations in a timely manner on all types of Criminal Cases.

Civil Investigation: We have been called to uncover, collect, and document information to use in civil trials. It is crucial to uncover every important piece of information, document the findings accurately and provide the necessary expert reports in order to win the case.

Financial Forensic Investigation: Our asset investigations go beyond the numbers. Our reports paint a complete picture of each subject we investigate. We conduct a comprehensive search of each subject followed by a manual search of all relevant public, proprietary, and social media databases.

Digital Forensic Investigation: Our digital forensic analysts assist attorneys and traditional investigators in the collection and analysis of relevant electronically stored information. Our expertise of the latest technology allows us to continually deploy the most cost effective solutions for our clients.

EEO Investigation: Pilum Defense Agency has a dedicated team with decades of experience working for the EEOC that can work with you to provide investigation services that will help to bring the case to a close.  We help you to answer all EEOC complaints quickly and without using all your resources. This allows you to focus on other work while  we take care investigating the allegations in the case

Corporate Investigation: Having the proper investigatory team is critical in identifying possible internal and external breaches in security, and the ability to properly screen potential employees before hiring them, or screening current employees before trusting them with new responsibilities, access, and secrets are all essential to the stability of any company.

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