Ron J. Pierini

Mr. Pierini is a licensed Lead investigator.  He is a professional with proven experience in austere environments under the most dangerous conditions. He is actively sought out and recruited by US and international military special operations and military intelligence, to include the Federal law enforcement communities.

Mr. Pierini is a master trainer and has trained teams made up of US Army Special Forces Operators, Army Intelligence Agents, Federal and State law enforcement agents. Mr. Pierini is a recognized expert in:

Strategic & tactical intelligence analysis, Threat analysis and vulnerability assessments
Antiterrorism and force protection practices (ATFP), Counterterrorism, Drug trafficking, Human trafficking, Physical security integration and management , Incident and crisis management
Operational Security procedures, Hospital protocol development and operational procedures design, Process improvement initiatives exceeding national standards of practice, Human Intelligence (HUMINT) and Human Terrain analysis, Environmental Design and preparation

Mr. Pierini holds active certifications in: Law Enforcement Handgun Instructor, Law Enforcement Shotgun Instructor, Civilian Handgun & Shotgun Instructor, Personal Protection In The Home Instructor, and California Narcotic Officer’s Association (CNOA) Defensive Tactics Instructor

Mr. Pierini is a member of the Certified California Department of Justice Firearms Instructor, Approved CCW instructor for Fresno County Sheriff’s Office & City of Fresno Police department, Active member of International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA).


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