UAV Solutions

Unmanned (Drones) Vehicle Systems

Pilum Defense Agency employs UAV pilots and imagery intelligence analysts (field service operators) with direct operational experience in a wide array of UAS platforms and sensors. 

pilum-UAV2Our expertise of and implementation of UAS technologies provides our clients a more thorough and omnipresent picture of their area of operations in a manner that is both cost-effective and low-profile.

In particular, we implement UAS within the United States in support of local search and rescue operations, emergency management and wildfire suppression support. We provide local emergency managers with superior situational awareness using UAS at a fraction of the cost they would pay for traditional equipment and personnel to meet the same mission requirements. Real time situational awareness is critical given that delayed information could have catastrophic consequences. In many cases we operate our UAS under conditions the traditional platforms (e.g. helicopters) are unable to without the risk to human life. The data we provide is more thorough and cost-effective than any other solution on the market.  

Outside the United States (depending on the laws of the host country) we implement UAS in support of tactical operations (close protection), surveillance and counter-surveillance, clearing of hostile areas, convoy scouting, establishment of logistic support chains, and real time emergency disaster support. 

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