TrainingEnhance your tactical skills with a combination of classroom instruction, scenario-based exercises and practical applications. From firearms and driving to tactics and medical, Pilum’s training programs give you the complete advantage. Recognized for its challenging content, rewarding results and exceptional instructors, Pilum Defense Agency offers the right training to make sure you are always prepared.

Pilum Defense Agency trainers are innovators and know that training techniques are ever-changing; our training courses are under continual development and advancement. We are dedicated to providing the most current up to date and effective training techniques.

Pilum Defense Agency has the ability to train military, law enforcement, security personnel, and defense contractors.  Pilum’s instructors have extensive Special Operation backgrounds with real world experiences and lessons learned from the hardened battlefields of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Africa.

Our staff has a wealth of exceptional worldwide experience and are renowned for dealing with high-risk situations and complex operations.


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