Protection Services


Close Protection: Pilum Defense Agency can provide full-time close protection services in low-and high-threat areas around the world. The Company’s operators provide unparalleled protection in potentially dangerous high-threat situations. Pilum combines intelligence gathering with operational security procedures to protect clients from a full range of threats.

Advanced Security Planning: Pilum Defense Agency can identify threats that may adversely affect clients’ safety, security, and revenues. Advance security planning involves in depth investigation and preparation. Planning and identifying unpredictable variables in any threat situation is just as important as to develop solutions to the risk each variable represents. The Company will customize it’s assessment to develop awareness on physical vulnerabilities, systems connectivity, interdependency, and weaknesses. Our experts can give scalable options to gaps, as well as, protective measures to increase preparedness for all hazards, including terrorist attack.

Route Assessment & Convoy Protection: Whether carrying important logistics materiel or high value individuals, convoys can become targets. Pilum Defense Agency can employ anti-ambush techniques that will help protect and defend against such attacks. The Company employs US military and modified techniques to ensure a strong ambush defense in all terrains.

Tactical Training: Pilum Defense Agency has the ability to train military, law enforcement, security personnel, and defense contractors. The Company’s instructors have extensive Special Operation backgrounds with real world experiences and lessons learned from the hardened battlefields of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Africa. The Company’s highly trained military personnel possess combat proven techniques.

Unmanned (Drones) Vehicle Systems: Use of these new technological tools can help the Company to provide more thorough and omnipresent security services to its clients in a manner that is both cost-effective and low-profile. In particular, UV systems can solve such tasks as surveillance, clearing of hostile areas, convoy scouting, establishment of logistic support chains, and real time emergency disaster information to name a few. Pilum can implement these systems in multiple services.

Government/Corporate Contracting: Pilum Defense Agency is registered with the US governments System for Award Management. The Company has been vetted and has a current cage code to operate as a government contractor. The company has built a strategic partnerships with companies that have strong government and corporate contracting portfolios.

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