Laura Weyna

Laura Weyna is a Licensed Lead Investigator. Laura Weyna leads all EEO operations and investigations for Pilum Defense Agency.

Ms. Weyna is a subject matter expert in federal employment law concerning discrimination. In her 20 years as a Federal Investigator with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), she has been involved in about 1500 cases ranging from individual complaints to class-action investigations.

Ms. Weyna has extensive experience gathering evidence and testimonies, working with legal representation and corporate counsel, and negotiating settlements. Her efforts have resulted in millions of dollars being awarded to plaintiffs and class members.

Ms. Weyna graduated with honors from Colorado Christian University where she received a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems Management. She studied History and Spanish at Metropolitan State College, regularly practices yoga and ballroom dancing. Ms. Weyna is a veteran of the United States Navy.