Jerry Silva

Master Silva began his martial arts training when he was four years old in Denver Colorado. He began his studies in the Chinese discipline of Gong Fu at a local church.

Master Silva maintained his studies in Gong Fu for many years, before he began training in contemporary WuShu with Sifu Peter Morales. Master Silva began competing in international and nationally sanctioned open tournaments around the world. In 1997 Master Silva captured two world titles and several national and international titles through the National Black Belt League (NBL), and Sport Karate International (SKI). After several years of formal training with Sifu Peter Morales, Master Silva began training long distance with SifuQiu Ming (Ming Liu) .

Master Silva began his competition career in the North American Sport Karate Association (NASKA). In 1998 he captured many championship titles. In 2000 Master Silva began training with Beijing super star, Master Zhuang Hui one of ChinaÆs supreme champions. Master Silva is still a student of Master Zhuang HuiÆs.

Master Silva developed the ECOS (Elite, Combat, Operative, Systems) system specifically for Pilum Defense Agency. ECOS is a highly evolved combative system, taking elite offensive tactical training, to the new age of human weaponry.   Its purpose is to isolate, control, and stop movement of any threat.


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