Digital Forensics

Our certified digital forensic investigators are experts in the collection, analysis and reporting of electronically stored information in support of legal proceedings. We examine both active and hidden data (e.g. deleted, or encrypted) on digital media for relevant evidence. Our examiners are both skilled technicians and experienced intelligence analysts/investigators. We have the investigative experience to know what to look for and the technical know-how to find it.

An investigation that includes digital forensic analysis

may place your client at a significant advantage.

Grass roots investigations efforts and digital forensics go hand-in-hand. You can rarely have one without the other. Our mission as investigators is the same as the attorneys we serve. We strive to poke as many holes in the opposing party’s case as possible.

We may not find that one piece of evidence that will completely unravel their case. However, we understand it is the culmination of evidence which more commonly leads to a favorable outcome. We do not limit our investigations to refuting or challenging the opposing party’s evidence.

Our experts are prepared to assist our clients through the entire case from the initial consultation to the culmination of litigation proceedings. With experience in hundreds of cases that involve computers, cell phones, cell towers, GPS, forensic art, digital cameras, CD/DVD forensics, data recovery, backup tape recovery, Microsoft Exchange recovery, and many other types of digital media, we have the technical foundation and analytical skills to assist you in even the most complex forensic cases.

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